Photograph Your Farm

red barnWelcome to the farm!

This is a business I am passionate about.  My love for rural landscape and the families who are dedicated stewards of the land come together to create invaluable documentation of families and their farms, and keepsakes for generations to come. Visit my Farm Gallery for inspiration for your farm!



If you don’t know where you are, says Wendell Berry, you don’t know who you are… He is not talking about the kind of location that can be determined by looking at a map or a street sign. He is talking about the kind of knowing that involves the senses, the memory, the history of a family or a tribe. He is talking about the knowledge of a place that comes from working in it in all weathers, making a living from it, suffering from its catastrophes, loving its mornings or evenings or hot noons, valuing it for the profound investments of labor and feeling that you, your parents and grandparents, your all-but-unknown ancestors have put into it. He is talking about the knowing that poets specialize in.

It is only a step from his pronouncement to another: that no place is a place until it has had a poet.

Excerpt from The Sense of Place, by Wallace Stegner